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Coco Pot Set - 3.5 x 4 Inches | 5 Pcs/ Coir Pot/ CoCo Coir Pot for Plants

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Width Height Depth Weight

4 inch

3.5 inch

2.75 inch


• The perfect planter for healthy, environmentally friendly home gardening pot/coco pot. Its size makes it convenient to use both indoors and out. Excellent for germination of any kind of plant. Ideal coco pot (coconut pot) for planting seeds and beginning a garden. Also helpful as inside pots for more elaborate indoor ornamental containers.

• Coir's organic texture keeps roots well-ventilated and aids in the drainage of excess water. Coconut pot lessens the need for regular irrigation. Repotting or transplanting directly with the entire pot is made incredibly simple by the coir pot; tangled roots or transplant shock are no longer problems!

• These earth-safe gardening pot, fully biodegradable coir pots enrich soil with texture as they break down.