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Copper Storage Box - 3.5 Inches | Copper Tiffin Box/ Copper Masala Box for Home/ 110 Gms Approx

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3.75 inch

3 inch


• Upgrade your lunch experience and embrace the benefits of traditional materials with our Copper Box.

• This eco-friendly and beautifully crafted container not only enhances your food but also promotes sustainability and the use of natural materials.

• This box is made of high-quality copper, a natural and eco-friendly material known for its various health benefits.

• The round shape of the box is not only visually appealing but also functional, allowing you to carry a variety of dishes and snacks comfortably.

• Copper is an excellent conductor of heat, which means your hot or cold dishes will retain their temperature, ensuring your meal is just the way you like it.

• The lunch box typically comes with a secure lid and latch mechanism, keeping your food fresh and preventing any spills during transportation.

• Copper is easy to maintain and clean. It can be washed and dried after each use to keep it in pristine condition.

• Using a copper lunch box promotes sustainability as it reduces the need for disposable containers and contributes to environmental conservation.

• The use of copper in food containers has a long-standing tradition in many cultures, and this lunch box adds a touch of authenticity to your mealtime.

• The Copper Lunch Box makes for a unique and eco-conscious gift for friends, family, or anyone who values sustainability and traditional materials.

• Enjoy your meals in style and with the added benefits of copper by using the Copper Lunch Box.

• Whether you're carrying your lunch to work, on a picnic, or just prefer eco-friendly and sustainable choices, this copper tiffin box is a practical and appealing addition to your daily routine.

• Order yours today and experience the culinary and environmental advantages it brings to your meals.