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Manuneethi Chozhan Clay Golu Bommai Set - 8 x 5.5 Inches | Giri Golu Doll/ Navaratri Golu Bomma/Gombe/Bommai

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• The Manuneethi Chozhan Golu doll Set is unique because it shows moments from the narrative in which Manuneethi Chozhan treats the cow with justice.
• One popular and historic set for the Golu display is the "Manuneethi Chozhan" set, which features dolls of Manuneethi Chozhan, his court, a cow, and a bell with rope.
• King Manuneethi Chozhan, also known as Rajendra Chola I, was a renowned king from the Chola dynasty who ruled during the 10th and 11th centuries. He was known for his wisdom, impartiality, and commitment to upholding justice. He had a huge bell installed in front of his palace, and anyone seeking justice had to ring the bell.
• Golu is a South Indian festival celebrated during the time of Navaratri, featuring a set of steps decorated with golu bommais of various shapes and sizes. The Golu doll is not just a sight to behold; it's a storyteller too. It narrates tales of tradition and spirituality.
• The Manuneethi Chozhan Golu bommai set serves as a visual representation of the ideals of justice, fairness, and righteous governance. It highlights the importance of good leadership and the role of a just ruler in promoting social harmony and welfare.
• This Golu doll set carries a significant message about the values of justice, integrity, and ethical governance.
• The legend: One day his son, Veedhividangan, on his way to the temple in a chariot, was being cheered by the crowd by way of beating drums, etc. In the midst of loud noise and commotion, a terrified stray calf ran here and there and at last got crushed under the wheels of the prince's chariot. The mother cow, sad and shocked, walked to the palace and rang the huge bell, demanding justice from the king. The king came out, saw the cow, and learned from his courtiers about the death of the young calf under the wheels of his son's chariot. King Manuneethi Cholan, upon hearing the case, ordered that his son be killed for his recklessness. He thus upheld that, before the court of law, everybody was equal, be they humans or even non-humans.
• This golu doll set is a traditional Kolu bommai crafted with clay.
• Decorate your Kolu Padi with this unique collection of dassara dolls for this Navarathri from Giri.
• An ideal present for festivals like Navaratri, Diwali, and housewarmings.
• This set stands apart from usual golu doll sets because it is painted in vivid, rich colors with a different composition and definition. "