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Sri Gayatri Yantra - 3 x 3 Inches | Tamil/ Shri Gayatri Yantra/ Copper Yantra for Pooja

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3 inch

3 inch


• In Hinduism, the Sri Gayatri Yantra is highly significant and highly regarded for its capacity to call forth the celestial powers of Goddess Gayatri.
• It is Carefully crafted and filled with sacred geometry, this yantra is an effective aid for meditation and spiritual practice.
• Sri yantra which is printed in tamil embodies the essence of the Gayatri mantra and emits vibrations that promote spiritual development, knowledge, and inner serenity.
• The complex details of the precise engraving of the Sri yantra on copper signify cosmic energy. Every curve and line has a symbolic meaning that draws on traditional knowledge and calls forth blessings from the divine realm.
• The Copper Yantra for Pooja is focus on devotion and meditation for those who aspire to spiritual advancement. It invites the heavenly blessing of
Goddess Gayatri into the surroundings and creates a serene, reverent mood in homes or places of worship.
• The sri yantra is a key component of the holy Pooja ritual, signifying the practitioner's oneness with the divine.
• Devotees venerate Goddess  Gayatri and ask for her heavenly graces for protection and enlightenment through ceremonial worship and offerings.
• The gayatri yantra is highly regarded as a potent tool for inner awareness and spiritual development.
• Yantram existence is in harmony with the age-old knowledge found in the Vedas, acting as a guiding light on the path to ultimate freedom and self-realization.