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Giri Pachai Karpooram - 50 Gms | Kapoor/ Camphor for Pooja

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Meenakshi Pachaikarpooram consists of a pack of Edible Green Camphor, also known as Pacha Karpooram. Green Camphor is a natural substance derived from the camphor tree. It is widely used in various cultural and religious practices due to its aromatic and therapeutic properties.
Product Features:
• The Green Camphor releases a pleasant and refreshing fragrance when used in puja rituals or as a diffuser. Its aromatic smoke is believed to purify the surroundings, uplift the ambiance, and create a positive atmosphere.
• Meenakshi Pachaikarpooram serves multiple purposes. It can be used in religious ceremonies, pujas, and rituals to invoke divine blessings and purify the sacred space. Additionally, it can be utilized as a natural air freshener by diffusing or burning a small quantity.
• This Edible Green Camphor is also suitable for culinary purposes. In certain regional cuisines, a tiny amount of Green Camphor is added to enhance the flavor of certain dishes, particularly sweets and desserts. It imparts a unique and subtle aromatic note to the culinary preparations.
• The Green Camphor offered in Meenakshi Pachaikarpooram is sourced from trusted and reliable suppliers, ensuring its authenticity and purity. It is free from any harmful additives or chemicals, making it safe for use in various applications.
• Ensure that it is packaged in an air-tight container after opening to retain its freshness and fragrance.
• Enhance your puja rituals, create an inviting ambiance, add a unique flavor to your culinary creations, or simply explore the traditional uses of Green Camphor, with this aromatic pachaikarpuram.