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Brass Palghat Aarti - 1.5 x 9.5 Inches | Brass Aarti/ Arti Kapoor for Pooja/ 150 Gms Approx

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Camphor Aarti plate/Arti plate is made of brass metal and used in temples and in Hindu pooja rooms. During the pooja, camphor is burnt on the brass plate to perform aarti before the Deity.

Benefits & Features:
• The camphor is placed on the brass plate and lit to create a holy drishti flame (for removal of negative energy).
• Just as God rotates the sun and the moon, imitating the same motion with the karpura aarti before God shows your gratitude, devotion and offerings.
• The light emanating from the puja plate is offered up as a gift in order to show gratitude and humility.
• The flames from the aarti puja plate is partially touched with the hands and placed momentarily on the eyes as a part of the ritual to imbibe positivity.
• According to Hindu Shastra, camphor placed in the aarti plate/arti plate is an essential means of building divine connection with your Deity.
• With regular use of this pure camphor, you can eradicate any lingering negativity from your house and usher in long lasting peace, prosperity and happiness.