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Manikanta Scented Ashtagandha Chandan Paste Tube - 40 Gms | Sandal Paste for Tilak

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Scented Ashtagandha Chandan Paste Tube consists of the finest quality of fragrant & bright natural chandan. It comes in cream/paste format that is convenient to apply on the forehead or on puja vigrahams.

Product Features:

* Ashthagandha is a holy concoction of eight different ingredients: Golochan, Kapoor-Brass, Haldi, Kesar, Kapoor Kachli, Itra Muske Ambar, Naag Kesar, and kumkum.

* During puja ceremonies, Ashtagandha paste is applied to devotees' foreheads and offered to Deity idols, Divine Yantras, Rudraksha Beads, and Shaligram shilas.

* Lord Krishna is said to have continuously emitted the combined divine fragrance of Ashtagandha.

* This fragrance is said to calm the senses, lift the spirits, and attract divine energies for blessings.