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Balaji Statue - 2 x 1.5 Inches | White Stone Lord Venkateswara Idol for Car Decor

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SKU 6100444
Width Height Depth Weight

1.5 in

2 in

0.25 in


• Bring Home the Divine Blessings of Lord Balaji with This Exquisite Nano Stand!
• The Nano Stand for Balaji is a beautifully crafted miniature idol of Lord Balaji, one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. The idol is made of high-quality materials and features intricate details that showcase Lord Balaji's divine presence.
• This Balaji idol is perfect for your home or office, and can be placed on your desk, shelf, or any other surface. It is small enough to fit into any space, yet powerful enough to bring the divine blessings of Lord Balaji into your life.
• The Balaji idol is designed to fit conveniently on your car dashboard or any flat surface in your car.
• Lord Balaji is known for his benevolence, grace, and compassion, and is believed to grant wishes and blessings to his devotees. By having this Nano Stand in your home or office, you can invite his divine presence and experience peace, prosperity, and abundance in your life.
• The Nano Stand—Balaji statue is also a perfect gift for loved ones on special occasions, as it not only adds to the decor but also brings blessings and positive energy into their lives.
• So, bring home the divine blessings of Lord Balaji with this exquisite Nano Stand, and experience the power and grace of this revered deity in your life.