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Aasan - 13 x 20 Inches | Velvet Pooja aasan/ Aasan for Deity

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• This Aasan is a luxurious and ornate accessory designed to elevate the seating arrangement during religious ceremonies, pujas, or special occasions.
• This pooja Aasan (seat cushion) is crafted from high-quality velvet fabric and adorned with intricate Jari (zari) work, adding a touch of opulence and grandeur to the seating arrangement.
• This puja Aasan is thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and support while sitting for extended periods during religious rituals or ceremonies.
• The soft and plush velvet fabric ensures a comfortable seating experience, allowing devotees to focus on their prayers and devotion without discomfort.
• The Jari work on the Pooja Aasan adds a regal and elegant touch, making it a beautiful centrepiece for your puja altar or seating area.
• The shimmering and intricate Jari patterns reflect traditional artistry and craftsmanship, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your worship space.
• This Aasan for pooja is versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as seating during puja rituals, as a seat cushion for Deity idols or guests, or as a decorative element during festive celebrations.
• Its luxurious appearance and fine craftsmanship make it a prized possession for special occasions and gatherings.
• This pooja mat is designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring it remains an essential part of your puja accessories for years to come.
• Experience the comfort and elegance this Puja Aasan brings to your seating arrangement and add a touch of traditional grandeur to your celebrations.