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Wall Hanging Set - 11 Inches | Lotus Design Door Hanger for Home & Office Decor/ Two Pieces

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SKU 646225
Width Height Weight

3.5 inch

11 inch


• A Lotus Wall Hanging will enhance your home environment with its amazing elegance.
• This exquisite work of art, which was created with great care and attention to detail, perfectly portrays the grace and elegance of the lotus flower, a sign of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and purity.
• The lotus toran for door is emblematic of purity of the mind, body, and spirit across civilizations, and the Lotus Wall Hanging acts as a gentle reminder of this.
• Lotus wall hangings are the perfect addition to yoga studios, wellness centres, and spiritual sanctuaries since they foster a peaceful and tranquil environment.
• Lotus Wall Hanging Wall art is made to easily enhance your living area and is simple to hang and maintain.
• Lotus Wall Hangings may be used with a variety of wall types and decor styles because of their adaptable size and light weight.
• With the alluring Lotus Wall Hanging, you may embrace the lotus' timeless elegance and add a sense of peace to your living area.
• Create a haven of peace and tranquilly in your own house by letting the beauty of the toranam inspire and uplift the area.
• The symbolic act of hanging a lotus or portrait of one on a toran for main door denotes requesting the presence of Goddesses like Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Kamatchi in the area.
• Do not hesitate to add this beautiful aesthetic product to your house and office.
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