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Vishwamitra - The King Who Became An Ascetic - English | by Kamala Chandrakant/ Moral Story Book

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India Book House

Kamala Chandrakant

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* "Vishwamitra: The King Who Became an Ascetic" is a novel by Kamala Chandrakant, an Indian author who wrote primarily in the Marathi language.

* The book is a retelling of the story of Vishwamitra, a revered sage and seer in Hindu mythology.

* The story follows the life of Vishwamitra, who was born as a king but renounced his kingdom to become a sage.

* He undergoes various spiritual practises and penances to attain the ultimate knowledge and power, and ultimately achieves the status of a Brahmarishi, the highest level of spiritual attainment.

* This novel also explores Vishwamitra's relationships with various characters, including his wife Menaka and his rival Vashishtha.

* It delves into the conflicts and challenges that Vishwamitra faced on his path to enlightenment and highlights the importance of perseverance and determination in achieving one's goals.

"Vishwamitra: The King Who Became an Ascetic" is a compelling and insightful read that offers a unique perspective on one of the most fascinating characters in Hindu mythology.