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Vellerukku Vinayagar Statue - 4 x 2 Inches | Shwetark Ganapati/ Ganesh Statue for Pooja

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2 inch

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• Shvetarka Ganesha, often referred to as Vellerukku Ganesha, is one particular Hindu interpretation of Lord Ganesha.

• It is connected to the worship and rituals performed for Lord Ganesha, which include the use of a specific plant known as Shvetarka (also known as the Asthma Plant or Vellerukku in Tamil).

• The Indian native Shvetarka is a woody plant with medicinal qualities. It is thought to hold special significance in the worship of Ganesha.

• The sacred root of the Shvetarka plant is frequently sculpted or moulded into the image of Lord Ganesha.

• According to devotees, worshipping Shvetarka Ganesha can bring blessings, eliminate obstacles, and bring wealth.

• With Lord Ganesha's recognisable elephant head and human body, Shvetarka Ganesha is often seen sitting.

• It is seen as lucky to use Shvetarka in Ganesha worship since it is thought to increase the divine power and blessings connected to Lord Ganesha.

• The traditional Indian medical system of Ayurveda values the plant's therapeutic qualities as well.

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