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Vaijayanti Mala - 19 Inches | Bejati Mala/ Jewellery for Men & Women

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• Vaijayanti Mala is used for religious purposes. This mala is made with the seeds of a type of lily flower.

• Otherwise known as White Bejati Mala, these seeds are said to have high mystical value and properties.

• This Mala contains 108 beads to chant mantras and japams during meditation, which helps to calm the mind and improve focus.

• Both men and women can wear White Bejati Mala.

• Malas are used in rituals and during prayers.

• It is believed that Sri Krishna gets pleased and bestows blessings to those who use mala made of these beads. This mala is said to bring Sarvatra Jaya prapti (Victory in any activity).