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Tales Of Shiva - The Mighty Lord Of Kailasa - English | by Subba Rao/ Story Book

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India Book House

Subba Rao

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•A compilation of tales about the Hindu Lord Shiva may be found in Subba Rao's Tales of Shiva: The Mighty Lord of Kailas. One of the most revered deities in Hinduism, Shiva is regarded as the remover of evil and the personification of unsurpassed consciousness.

•The book includes a number of legends about Shiva, from his conception and early years through his union with the Goddess Parvati and his conflicts with bad entities. The tales also go into the symbolism and tradition surrounding Shiva, including his ties to the sacred Ganges River and the bull Nandi.

•The stories are written in an approachable and straightforward manner that allows readers of all ages to read them. The book's vibrant and in-depth illustrations brilliantly bring the stories to life.

•In "The Churning of the Ocean," one of the book's most well-known legends, Shiva is a key figure in the universe's formation. Another well-known tale is "The Battle of the Devas and Asuras," in which Shiva aids the Gods in driving out the evil spirits and bringing order to the universe.

•The intriguing and educational book Tales of Shiva: The Mighty Lord of Kailas provides a superb introduction to the symbolism surrounding Lord Shiva. It is appropriate for readers of all ages and educational levels and is certain to excite anyone with a passion for Hindu tradition.