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Tales Of Narada - Tales Of Devotion And Rivalry - English | by Onkar Nath Sharma/ Story Book

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India Book House

Omkar Nath Sharma

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•In his collection of tales titled Tales of Narada, Onkar Nath Sharma draws inspiration from the Indian Hindu sage Narada, who is renowned for his wit and mischievous side. The book is a collection of short stories that highlight Narada's knowledge, levity, and aptitude for original problem-solving.

•The book's stories are each accompanied by a wise lesson about morals, spirituality, and the significance of leading a good life. The themes throughout the stories span widely, from the perils of arrogance and greed to the strength of love and forgiveness.

•The book also examines Narada's place in a number of Hindu stories as well as his connections with Hindu deities. Readers may learn more about Hindu tradition and its guiding principles through these tales.

•The book's language is straightforward and interesting, making it simple to follow the stories and comprehend the truths at their core. Anyone who wants to understand more about Hindu tradition and the everlasting lessons included in these old tales should definitely read this book.

•Tales of Narada is an overall enjoyable and enlightening book that provides readers with a window into Hindu tradition and the timeless teachings it imparts.