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Tales from The Hitopadesha - English | 3 In 1 Moral Story Book

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•Animal stories from ancient India are collected in the book "Tales From The Hitopadesha". The stories are based on the Panchatantra, another collection of Indian fables, and were written down in Sanskrit by Narayana Pandit in the 14th century.

• The animal characters in the tales of "Tales From The Hitopadesha" resemble humans in behavior and moral ambiguity, including lions, monkeys, and crows. Children get valuable life lessons from these tales, like the importance of honesty, friendship, and knowledge.

• The Lion and the Rabbit, The Monkey and the Crocodile, and The Crows and the Snake are some of the most well-known tales in the book. At the conclusion of each story, the moral lesson is revealed.The book's vivid illustrations, which are beautifully done, bring the animal characters to life.

• It is the perfect book for parents and teachers who wish to educate kids to India's rich cultural past and instill fundamental values in them.

• Amar Chitra Katha comics, a prominent publication house based in India, specializes in creating and distributing a vast array of comics and books deeply rooted in Indian culture, mythology, history, and folklore. Established in 1967 by Anant Pai, fondly known as the "Father of Indian Comics," Amar Chitra Katha book has become an integral part of Indian literary heritage.