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SunFace | Sphatika Sunface/ Spatika Sunface for Pooja/ 20 Gms Approx

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A "sunface spatik" (also spelled as "sphatik") typically refers to a crystal or quartz (sphatik) carved or shaped to resemble the face of the sun. In Hinduism and various spiritual traditions, sphatik (clear quartz) is considered a powerful and sacred material. Known for its clarity and purity, sphatik is believed to have strong spiritual and healing properties. It is often used in various religious and spiritual practices. sun is a powerful symbol in Hinduism, representing energy, vitality, and the divine presence. A sunface spatik combines the spiritual properties of sphatik with the life-giving and energizing attributes of the sun.Sphatik is believed to purify the mind and body, removing negative energies and promoting a sense of clarity and calm. It is often used in healing practices for its ability to amplify energy and support overall well-being. The sunface design symbolizes the infusion of solar energy, providing a boost to one's vitality and spiritual strength. Sunface spatik is commonly used during puja (worship) and meditation to enhance concentration and connect with divine energies. Sunface spatik serves as a powerful spiritual tool, combining the energies of sphatik and the sun. It is cherished by devotees for its ability to purify, heal, and energize, making it a valuable addition to spiritual and religious practices.