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Sun Face Wall Hanging - 7 Inches | Aluminium Wall Hanger/ Door Hanger for Vastu

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7 inch

7 inch

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• The Sun Face wall hanging depicting Lord Surya (Sun) Mukh (face) represents the sun in His divine aspect.

• It is believed that Surya is the sole daily-visible form of God. According to Shaivites and Vaishnavas, respectively, God Surya is viewed as a manifestation of Shiva and Vishnu.

• Surya also goes by the name Surya Narayana. One of Lord Shiva's eight manifestations is known as Surya, the Sun God (Astamurti).

• Surya is also considered to be the God of excellence and intelligence.

• The primary and central deity of the Navgraha (nine planets) is Surya, as the nine planets orbit around the Sun.

• Surya, for obvious reasons, is also worshipped as the Hindu God of Light.

• Install this lovely Sun Wall Hanging on your walls, or fix it on to your puja alamari to invite awe from visitors & the light of bhakti into your life!

• Plenty of wall hangings, door hangings & traditional decor items available at Giri. Visit our website and embrace our tradition & culture.