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Sudarshan Chakra Yantra - 3 x 3 Inches | Sanskrit/ Sudarshana Chakra Yantra/ Copper Yantram for Pooja

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3 inch

3 inch


• A sacred symbol in Hinduism, the sudarshan maha chakra yantra which is printed in sanskrit  represents cosmic strength and heavenly protection. Thoroughly crafted, this holy symbol represents the omnipotence of Lord Vishnu and his fabled sword, the Sudarshan Chakra.
• The essence of yantra with  spiritual energy and divine benefits are contained inside this elaborate artwork.
• The sudarshan chakra yantra, which is inscribed with traditional Sanskrit mantras and symbols, invokes divine presence and auspiciousness by connecting with the vibrations of the universe. Its carefully wrought copper construction increases its sanctity and potency, making it a highly esteemed object of prayer and meditation.
• The sudarshan chakra yantra becomes a focal point for channeling heavenly energies, promoting spiritual progress, and banishing evil forces as devotees participate in worship ceremonies.
• The sri chakra yantra presence in hallowed places is a sign of wealth, protection, and the unending triumph of good over evil.
• A storehouse of cosmic energy is hidden inside the complex designs and hallowed geometry of the yantram, just waiting to be called upon by the pious.
• Its practitioners use its power to overcome challenges, achieve spiritual enlightenment, and experience divine favor through honest dedication and firm trust.
• The Yantram is revered in Hinduism as a guiding light for those seeking cosmic harmony and divine protection as they travel towards self-realization and oneness with the divine.
• Its presence calls for blessings, serenity, and divine intervention in the lives of the devout as it adorns altars and prayer rooms.