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Sri Mukapanchashati - Telugu | Hindu Religious Book

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• Sri Mooka Panchashati - Telugu is a hindu soiritual book dedicated to the revered stotram (devotional hymn) composed by the saint Mooka Sankara, who was born without the ability to hear or speak. He is later believed to have acquired the abilities, thanks to reciting the stotra to Kamakshi Amman. This stotram is focused on Sri Kamakshi Amman, a form of Goddess Parvati, worshipped at the Kamakshi Amman Temple in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India.

• Within the book, readers will find the Telugu transliteration and translation of the stotram, allowing them to engage with the devotional hymn and understand its meaning. It will also provide understanding about the significance of Sri Kamakshi Amman in Hindu mythology, her divine attributes, and the associated rituals and traditions.

• Sri Mooka Sankara's extraordinary spiritual journey and his ability to compose profound hymns despite his physical limitations, aims to inspire readers by showcasing the power of devotion and the potential for transcendence through spirituality.