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Sri Kamakshi Amman Viruttam - Tamil | Hindu Prayer Book/ Shlokas Book

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• Sri Kamakshi Amman Virutham is an exquisite composition which stands as a melodic ode, reverberating with praises for Sri Kamakshi of Kanchipuram.

• Crafted with the poetic finesse of viruttam, a meter in the Tamil language that adds a rhythmic grace to the verses, this hymn unfolds across 11 verses.

• Each word, elegantly printed in bold Tamil font, becomes a vessel for devotion when chanted in the sacred spaces of temples or within the sanctity of homes where Sri Kamatchi is venerated.

• The verses, like a fragrant garland of offerings, convey deep reverence and adoration for the divine presence of Sri Kamakshi.

• Reciting this divine viruttam becomes a spiritual symphony, inviting not just the blessings of the Goddess but also ushering in an aura of profound joy and triumphant success.

• It's not merely a lyrical composition but a key to unlocking the gates of overall well-being and prosperity, echoing through the hearts of those who, with devotion on their lips, offer this hymn at the feet of the divine Sri Kamakshi.

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