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Sri Ganesha Puranam - English | Dr. Akila Sivaraman/ Purana Book/ Hindu Religious Book

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Dr.Akila Sivaraman

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• Puranas generally describe the incarnations of Lord as taking place in four yugas; namely, the Krita, Treta, Dwapara and Kali Yugas, to destroy the Asuric forces and reestablish the equilibrium of the cosmic life.

• In the Hindu Pantheon of Gods Lord Vinayaka is held as the foremost God without whose Puja no worship or any rite or ritual for that matter begins.

• In addition to the eighteen popular major puranas, called Mahapuranas authored by Veda Vyasa, there are another eighteen upa puranas in which Bhargava Purana also known as Vinayaka Purana or Ganesh Purana figures prominently.

• In fact all puranas have a reference to Lord Ganesha. But the Ganesha Puranam deals exclusively with the birth and Adventures of Lord Ganesha.

• In addition to the legends of Lord Ganesha, the great types of character whose legends they narrate have richly served the purpose of firmly establishing the principles of Hindu Dharma in the minds of our nationals.

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