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Side Toran - 6 Feet | Thoran/ Wall Hanging for Door Decor/ Assorted Design

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72 in

72 in

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In Hindu houses and temples, a toran—also called a bandanwar or door hanging/wall hanging—is a common decorative object. A wall hanging is often draped over the entryway or entrance to a room and is fashioned of brightly coloured fabric or flowers. Wall hanging are available in many designs, like mango torans, mixed torans, cloth torans, flower torans, bead torans, and so on. Especially this toran consists of a designed interlocking Ganesha with Sun pattern to enhance the richness of the toran. A toranam have spiritual value in addition to serving as ornamental elements. With a variety of hues and patterns, they frequently feature exquisite designs and beautiful craftsmanship. Overall, wall hanging have a significant role in Hindu history and culture. A Wall hangingare frequently employed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and spiritual value of houses and temples.Benefits and Features:● With this beautiful wall hanging interlocking Ganesha with sun, you can decorate your house and doors throughout the festive season and bring luck to your residence. ● The best places to stick it are at home entrances, doors, and in the rooms and temples of the Gods. Bandarwals can be used for numerous occasions, including poojas, festivals, housewarmings, parties, and inaugurations. A Wall hanging can be hung on doors. ● Make the interior and exterior of your house so opulent that they will draw anyone in with a single glance. ● For any festive occasion, you can use this toran for home to decorate your home, office, or any other public space. ● This interlocking Ganesha with Sun is frequently used to adorn walls, internal doors, and main entrances to homes and offices, as well as other areas of the workplace. The best thing about these fake leaf garlands is that they are very simple to maintain and can be used repeatedly. ● To welcome Gods and guests into the interior of the house or hall, decorative pieces resembling torans are hung above the doorways.