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Shubha Drishti Ganapathi - 7 x 5 Inches | Shubh Drishti Ganapathy Wall Hanging for Home Decor

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Subha Drishti Ganapathi, when exhibited in the central hall of your home and facing the North direction. This Ganapathi will establish your house and mind with good vibrations and positivity. crafted with care by skilled Indian artisans. Intricate and detailed designing.


• Ideal Return Gift for Wedding, Housewarming, Corporate Gifting, Home Decor and other festival occasion gifting.

• There is a Yantra behind the idol, which protects you from all kinds of evil.

• Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy is an all-powerful glorious divine form brought into being with the unique, powerful blessings of Sage Agastya, the foremost among the eighteen Siddhas.

• Good thoughts make good minds. Lord Vinayaka alone has the power to bring about this thought transformation. That is why, gathering within Himself all divine powers, He, as Lord Ganapathy, has descended on this earth, as Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy.

• He is the one God in this Kali Yuga who has risen for the good of the people, taking this supremely attractive form.

• The Divine Relief Sculpture has to be exhibited in the Central Hall of your home, just below the lintel level on South Wall, facing the North direction.

• Please decorate him with flowers and burn incense sticks.

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