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Samkshepa Ramayanam - Sanskrit - Tamil | by Giri Publications/ Hindu Devotional Book

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• True to the saying of Hari Ananta Harikatha Ananta, there are innumerable versions of Ramayana available.
• Each of the Ramayana has its unique charactristics. The first one authored by Sage Valmiki is composed such that 1st letter of every 1000th sloka of 24000 verses, is the respective letter of Savitr Gayatri mantra. Hence the compilation of these 24 verses is called as the Gayatri Ramayana.
• This book is a compilation of some of the abridged versions of Ramayana, known generically as Samkshepa Ramayana, written for the benefit of those devotees of Sri Rama who cannot soak in the bliss of reading the full original version and which will help one to taste the nectar of Rama's legend.
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