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Ruthratcham Malai - 10 Inches | 5 mm Rudraksha Mala/ 108 Beads Kantha Mala for Meditation

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Rudraksha Bead garland or Mala is an excellent tool to wear especially when chanting japams or prayers. This makes it convenient for keeping the japa counts and is also excellent in the accupressure. This Rudraksha Mala is cultured & can be worn by people of all ages.
Benefits & features:
• This mala is strung either in strong thread and has knots between each Rudraksha bead.
• Rudraksha is holy bead dedicated to Lord Shiva. Rudraksha flower is the very tiny Rudraksha which is generally worn during fasts, going to various temples of Lord Karthigeya or Muruga and Shabari Mala along with Tulasi mala.
• Rudraksha Mala is also used in Shiva temple. It is an excellent adornment for the idol of Lord Shiva. Gifting rudraksha malas to Shiva temples increases spiritual growth.
• Almost all the Rudraksha beads in one mala will be of similar size. Minor variations may exist due to it being naturally sourced.
• It is considered to be essential for decoration of the Shiv Linga in temples or Shiva statues and also the photo of God Shiva.
• This rudraksha bead garland or mala is an excellent tool for japas or chanting prayers.
• This simplifies keeping track of japam counts and is also beneficial for accupressure.
• People also wear rudraksha malas around their necks as they are believed to help one attain spiritual, physical, and mental strength.
• The wearer of the Rudraksha beads mala is believed to gain wisdom and extensive knowledge.
• Wearing Rudraksha mala at all times is said to help one attain a growing sense of uniqueness, self-confidence, creativity, focus, and a strong grounding.