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Rudraksha Malai | 5 to 6 Mm Ruthratcham Malai/ Rudraksh Malai for Meditation

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• The divine connection with our exquisite Rudraksha Mala, a sacred tool for spiritual practice. manufactured with authentic Rudraksha beads, each mala is carefully strung together to create a powerful accessory for meditation and prayer.
• Rudra means Shiva, and Aksha means teardrops. Rudraksha are the teardrops of Shiva. The legend goes that once, Shiva sat in meditation for a long period of time. His ecstasy was such that it made him absolutely still and unmoving. He seemingly did not even breathe, and everyone thought he was dead. 
• There was only one sign of life — the tears of ecstasy that dribbled from his eyes. These teardrops fell upon the earth and became Rudraksha, "Shiva’s tears". No single tree is as rich with spiritual references, spiritual myths, and legends as the rudraksha.
• Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, our original rudraksha mala offers a tangible link to higher consciousness. 
• The natural energy of Rudraksha, known for its capacity to improve concentration, quiet the mind, and deepen meditation, can elevate your daily routines. 
• Throughout your spiritual journey, carefully made Rudraksha Chains will provide comfort and durability, as well as lifespan and convenience of use. 
• Embrace tradition with our rudraksha mala, featuring intricately arranged Rudraksha beads in a traditional garland design. 
• Each original rudraksha mala carries the essence of ancient wisdom and divine protection, guiding you toward inner peace and spiritual growth. 
• Explore the rich meaning of Rudraksha in Hindu mythology and spiritual traditions, and use our Rudraksha chain to set out on a profound experience. 
• Discover the heavenly power of these ruthratcham malai as you set off on a journey of self-awareness and enlightenment.
• The wearer of the Rudraksha beads mala gains wisdom and extensive knowledge. 
• This powerful Rudraksha thus eliminates the darkness of ignorance. 
• The positive vibrations of the rudraksha chain resonate with the chakras, aligning and balancing the energy centres in the body. 
• The wearer of the rudraksha mala is blessed with focus, grounding, and perfection.