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Rudra Veenai - Volume 1 - Tamil | by Indra Soundarrajan/ Fictional Book

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Thirumagal Nilayam

Indira Soundararajan

5.5 inch

8.5 inch

Soft Bound

1 inch


•Indra Soundarajan is the author of the well-known Tamil novel "Rudra Veenai". Famous modern Tamil author Indra Soundarajan is noted for his writings in a variety of genres, including mystery, horror, and supernatural fiction.

•The intriguing and exciting book "Rudra Veenai" incorporates themes of mystery,legendary stories, and paranormal activity. The events that take place around a veena, a traditional musical instrument from India, serve as the centre of the narrative.

•The book probably explores supernatural subjects while examining the problems and conflicts brought on by Veena's influence.

•The writing of Indra Soundarajan is renowned for its captivating storytelling, complex plots, and well-rounded characters.

•He frequently incorporates aspects of Tamil fables, folklore, and culture into his stories to produce a distinctive and engaging reading experience.

•This first book of Rudra Veenai will stimulate the fascination of the readers to read the next part of the book. Exclusively available in Giri. Check it out soon.