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Rangoli Sticker - 12 Inches | Sri Chakra Design Muggulu/ Velvet Artificial Rangoli for Floor Decor

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12 inch

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• The Velvet rangoli is an exquisite and ready-to-use piece of art that combines the traditional beauty of rangoli with the sacred geometry of Sri Chakra.
• This decorative item is crafted with precision on velvet fabric, offering an elegant and convenient solution for adding a touch of spirituality and aesthetic appeal to your space.
• The rangoli is made from high-quality velvet fabric, providing a soft and luxurious texture. The material enhances the overall visual appeal and creates a beautiful backdrop for the intricate Sri Chakra design.
• The readymade rangoli features a meticulously designed Sri Chakra—a sacred geometric pattern that holds deep spiritual significance in Hindu tradition.
• This readymade rangoli eliminates the need for time-consuming and detailed work. It is a hassle-free solution for those who wish to adorn their homes with a beautifully designed rangoli without the effort.
• You can simply place it on the floor or any flat surface, eliminating the need for time-consuming rangoli making. It's a quick and hassle-free way to adorn your space with traditional art.
• This readymade rangoli design is versatile and can be placed in various locations, including the entrance of your home, puja room, or any space where you want to create a spiritual and aesthetically pleasing ambiance.
• This readymade rangoli design is perfect for festivals, auspicious occasions, and daily rituals. It adds a decorative and spiritual element to your celebrations, creating a welcoming and sacred atmosphere.
• The Readymade kolam is durable and can be reused for various occasions. Its longevity allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Sri Chakra design multiple times.
• Enhance the visual appeal of your home and infuse it with spiritual vibrations with the Velvet Rangoli featuring a Sri Chakra design.
• Whether it's for festivals, pujas, or everyday adornment, this elegant and convenient Readymade kolam provides a beautiful expression of art and spirituality.