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Rangoli Sticker - 10 x 15 Inches | Leaf Design Muggulu/ Rangoli Kolam/ Velvet Artificial Rangoli for Floor Decor

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SKU 60908
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• This Velvet Rangoli is a vibrant and artistic addition to your festive decor.
• Crafted with intricate details and rich colors, this readymade rangoli features a stunning peacock design, symbolizing beauty, grace, and auspiciousness.
• The base of the readymade rangoli is made of soft and luxurious velvet, providing a rich texture and feel. The vibrant colors of the velvet enhance the overall visual appeal.
• The rangoli showcases an intricately designed peacock, a symbol of beauty, love, and prosperity in Indian culture.
• The peacock motif is known for its elegance and is often associated with positive energy.
• This readymade rangoli design eliminates the need for intricate handwork and allows for quick and easy setup.
• It is a convenient option for those who want to add a touch of tradition to their decor without spending time on creating a rangoli from scratch.
• Ideal for various occasions such as festivals, weddings, and special celebrations, the velvet readymade rangoli design can be placed in different areas of your home, including the entrance, living room, or puja room.
• The durable construction of the readymade kolam allows for reuse. You can store it carefully after use and bring it out for future festive occasions, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice.
• Enhance the beauty of your festive decor with the Velvet Readymade kolam featuring a Peacock Design.