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Pracheena Sampradaya Harihara Bhajan Manjari - Tamil | Stotra Book/ Hindu Religious Book

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Sri. K.V. Venkataramani Bhagavathar

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• Sravanam, Keerthanam and Smaranam are the three methods preferred in Sastras for upasana of a Deity in Kali Yuga.

• Sravanam being the primordial part, is listening to mantras related to a specific Deity or Deities. Keerthanam is involving oneself to singing the names of the Deity.

• Nama Sankeerthanam is the way found by our elders to reach out common people who do not have the privilege of reciting veda Mantras.

• In Kali Yuga, Dharma Sastra specifies singing the names of the Supreme is far more resulting than the Deity. This work on Pracheena Sampradaya Harihara Bhajana Manjari, is a collection of Bhajana songs on Lord Harihara/Vishnu, in a particular method identified and shared by our elders. Given in Tamil language for easy understanding and reciting of the names of the beloved Deity.

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