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Periyava Periyavathan - Maha Periyava - Part II - Tamil | by P. Swaminathan/ Spiritual Book

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• Maha Periyava was revered for his profound spiritual understanding, modesty, and humility.

• In order to live a meaningful and full life, Buddha emphasised the significance of self-realisation, devotion, and commitment to dharma (righteousness).

• Maha Periyava urged spiritual seekers to acquire traits like compassion, tolerance, and service to others and promoted the study of Vedanta, the classical texts of Hindu philosophy.

• To remember the life and spiritual journey of Maha Periyava, this unique book, "Periyava Periyavathan: Maha Periyava Part II," is to be read.

• Readers and devotees are also interested in this rare book.

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