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Pallanguzhi - 2.5 x 18 Inches | Wooden Pallanguli/ Pallanguli Game for Children

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18 inch

2.5 inch

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• Elevate your traditional gaming experience with the Pallankuzhi Wooden Board featuring 14 pits.

• This exquisite and intricately designed board enhances your Pallanguzhi gaming sessions, turning them into a delightful and memorable pastime.

• It is a traditional and ancient board game that has been enjoyed by generations. It's a two-player strategy game that requires skill and concentration.

• This Pallanguzhi board stands out with its unique fish-shaped model.

• Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it not only serves as a gaming board but also as a piece of art that can be proudly displayed in your home.

• Made from high-quality wood, this Pallanguli board is sturdy and built to last. The smooth finish and polished surface ensure that the game pieces glide effortlessly across the pits, enhancing your gaming experience.

• The board features 14 pits, 7 on each side, which are used to store the game pieces.

• These pits are thoughtfully designed to comfortably hold the seeds or shells used in the game.

• Pallanguli is not just a game; it's a part of cultural heritage. Playing this traditional game allows you to connect with your roots and relive a cherished pastime.

• Pallanguli games involves strategy, counting, and decision-making. It's an engaging and intellectually stimulating game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

• The beautifully designed board adds an element of artistry to your home decor. It's both a functional game board and an attractive display piece.

• Pallankuzhi is an excellent way to bring family and friends together. It encourages social interaction and friendly competition.