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Navgrah Yantra - 3 x 3 Inches | Navgraha Yantra/ Copper Yantra for Pooja

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3 inch

3 inch


"• The Copper Navagraha Yantra is a revered and auspicious geometric design engraved on high-quality copper, representing the nine celestial bodies or planets in Hindu astrology.
• The Navagraha Yantra symbolizes the nine celestial bodies: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.
• Each planet depicted in the yantram exerts specific astrological influences, and the yantram is believed to balance these energies.
• Crafted from copper, this yantram is intricately designed and carries the combined energies of the celestial bodies.
• The presence of the Navagraha Yantram is believed to mitigate the malefic effects of planets and enhance their positive influences.
• It is used for meditation, prayer, and seeking astrological balance and harmony.
• Placed in homes, temples, or worn as a pendant, it's believed to harmonize planetary influences and foster positive energies.
• The design and mantras inscribed on the yantram signify the influences and harmonization of the celestial bodies.
• The Copper Navagraha Yantram is revered for its ability to balance and harmonize the influences of the nine celestial bodies. 
• Its presence is believed to mitigate negative astrological effects and promote balance, harmony, and positivity. 
• Whether used for meditation, prayer, or as an astrological balancing tool, this yantram symbolizes the combined energies of the celestial bodies, fostering balance and harmony in one's life.