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Navagraha Cloth Set - 0.80 Mtr | Cotton Navagraha Vastram Set/ Navagraha Set for Pooja

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Navagraha cloth sets are specially made for puja related rituals. It is mainly useful for Navagraha Santhi Puja, Temple Kumbabisekam, and homams. It includes a pack of each of the nine different colours of clothing. White, Half white, Yellow, Orange, Black, Red, Green, Blue and Mixed color. They are used as offering in the homas to specific planets or used as wrapping cloths for each Deity's idols in temples.
Surya -the Sun: Red
Chandra – the Moon: Pale White or Cream
Mangala – Mars: Red / Crimson Red
Budha -Mercury: Green
Guru -Jupiter: Yellow
Shukra – Venus: White
Shani – Saturn: Black
Rahu: Dark Blue
Ketu: Grey
The Navagraha set includes clothes in the colours associated with the planets listed above.
The Navagraha vastram sets are an essential part of the puja ritual, and are used to cover the sacred objects that are placed on the puja altar. The cloths are usually offered to the respective planets as a sign of respect and devotion.