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Murugan Valli Deivanai with Arch Idol - 5 Inches | Karthikeya Murti Statue/ Polyresin Material/ Golden Colour

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5 inch

5 inch


Murugan Valli Deivanai Vigrahams - a divine ensemble that embodies the essence of spirituality and devotion. Meticulously crafted with Poly resin material and intricate details and adorned with genuine gold plating, these vigrahams (idols) radiate a sense of divinity, making them a cherished addition to any sacred space, golu, or home altar.
Product Features:

• The Gold Plated Murugan Valli Deivanai Vigrahams represent the divine trinity of Lord Murugan (also known as Kartikeya or Subramanya), Goddess Valli, and Goddess Deivanai. Lord Murugan is revered as the God of War, while Goddess Valli and Goddess Deivanai are His consorts, symbolizing love, devotion, and divine unity.
• Every detail of these vigrahams is meticulously crafted with utmost precision and attention to authenticity. The idols are skillfully sculpted to capture the divine expressions, intricate ornaments, and traditional attire of the deities, ensuring a true representation of their divine forms.
• These vigrahams are adorned with a layer of genuine gold plating, which adds a radiant and opulent touch to their appearance. The gold finish enhances their beauty, giving them a divine aura and making them stand out as exquisite pieces of art.
• Each element of the vigrahams holds profound symbolism. Lord Murugan, with his Vel (spear) and peacock as his vehicle, represents courage, valor, and wisdom. Goddess Valli, depicted with a garland and a graceful posture, symbolizes purity and devotion. Goddess Deivanai, adorned with divine ornaments, embodies grace and divine energy.
• These vigrahams are believed to radiate positive energy and divine blessings. By having them in your home or sacred space, you invite the divine presence of Lord Murugan and his consorts, creating an atmosphere of spiritual upliftment, protection, and harmony.
• The Gold Plated Murugan Valli Deivanai Vigrahams make an extraordinary gift for devotees and spiritual enthusiasts. Whether for auspicious occasions, festivals, or personal milestones, these idols convey blessings, reverence, and a deep connection with the divine.
• Invite the divine presence of Lord Murugan, Goddess Valli, and Goddess Deivanai into your life with the captivating Gold Plated Murugan Valli Deivanai Vigrahams. Immerse yourself in their divine energy and experience the blessings of love, devotion, and spiritual growth.