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Mercury Bead - 0.5 Inch | Parad Moti for Men & Women/ 1 Gms Approx

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Width Height Depth Weight

0.25 inch

0.5 inch

0.25 inch


• The Padrasam (Mercury) Bead/Gutika is a divine marvel crafted to bring forth a holistic transformation in your life. This sacred bead is more than just a piece of jewelry; it is a conduit for spiritual elevation and well-being.

• Carefully crafted from pure Mercury, the Padrasam Mala/Gutika embodies the essence of purity and divine energy.

• Considered the epitome of Rosaries, the Padrasam Mala/Gutika is believed to catalyze physical, mental, spiritual, and intellectual transformation. The inherent properties of Mercury are thought to enhance clarity of thought, deepen meditation experiences, and promote overall well-being. It is a companion on your journey to self-discovery and spiritual growth.

• The use of Mercury bead in religious practices has a rich history rooted in traditional beliefs. The Padrasam Mala/Gutika is revered for its association with auspicious energies, attracting divine blessings and fostering a sense of inner peace. Its presence during prayer rituals is believed to amplify the potency of spiritual endeavors.

• Whether you are seeking solace in meditation, embarking on a spiritual journey, or simply adorning it as a symbol of divine connection, the Padrasam Mala/Gutika is versatile in its application. Allow its serene energy to accompany you throughout your day.

• Given the unique nature of Mercury, it is essential to handle the Mercury Bead with care. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and chemicals to preserve its divine properties. Keep out of reach of children.

• Allow the divine energy of Mercury to guide you towards a life of profound serenity and enlightenment.