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Lakshmi Padham Set - 1.5 x 3.25 Inches | Aluminium Paduka/ Lakshmi Charan Paduka for Pooja/ 210 Gms Approx

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3.25 inch

1.5 inch

1 inch


● Lakshmi Padham is a sacred and artistic representation of the goddess Lakshmi's feet, often used as an auspicious symbol in Hindu homes and temples.

● Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune. She is revered as the bestower of blessings and abundance. Her feet symbolize her divine presence and grace.

● Placing Lakshmi paduka in homes or temples is believed to invite the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

● It is considered a symbol of good luck, wealth, and auspiciousness. Devotees often bow down to the laxmi paduka as a sign of respect and devotion.

● Aluminium has been used to craft this Lakshmi Padham setdue to its durability and ability to hold intricate designs. The Padham is usually adorned with intricate engravings and artistic details.

● Lakshmi charan paduka is crafted with attention to detail. It typically features the goddess's feet adorned with intricate jewelry, anklets, and sacred symbols. The design captures the divine beauty and elegance of Goddess Lakshmi.

● Aluminium Laxmi charan paduka can be placed on puja altars, in home temples, or as part of decorative arrangements during festivals like Diwali and Navaratri. It serves as a constant reminder of prosperity and spiritual well-being.

● Devotees may perform rituals like abhishekam (ritual bathing) and offer flowers, incense, and lamps to the Lakshmi paduka during special prayers and festivals.

● Aluminium Laxmi paduka is often gifted during weddings, housewarmings, and other auspicious occasions as a symbol of best wishes and prosperity for the recipient.

● In South India, the Lakshmi charan paduka is also associated with the tradition of Varalakshmi Vratam, a special puja performed by married women to seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi for the well-being of their families