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Krishna And Shishupala - He Was Forgiven A Hundred Times - English | by Kamala Chandrakant/ Story Book

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India Book House

Kamala Chandrakant

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•The life of Lord Krishna, one of the most respected and cherished characters in Hindu tradition, is the focus of Kamala Chandrakant's rendition of an old Indian culture-based tale, Krishna and Shishupala.

•The plot centers on Krishna's rivalry with Shishupala, a prince with three eyes and four arms owing to a curse who was foretold to die at Krishna's hands in the narrative. Shishupala grows resentful and antagonistic towards Krishna despite Krishna's efforts to keep the peace and avert bloodshed; finally, he swears war on him.

•The narrative conveys significant lessons about morality, righteousness, and the effects of one's actions and is full of symbolism. Readers are taught the value of forgiving, kindness, and empathy via the figure of Krishna, who is presented as the incarnation of divine love and compassion.

•Shilpa Ranade's stunning drawings complement Kamala Chandrakant's captivating and approachable retelling of this well-known story.

•The book is a fantastic primer on the rich mythology and culture of ancient India, and readers are bound to be enthralled and motivated by it.