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Giri Turmeric Powder - 250 Gms | Haldi Powder/ Yellow Colour/ Manjal Thool for Pooja

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• Bring purity and auspiciousness to your pooja rituals with the Giri Turmeric Powder specially crafted for sacred ceremonies.
• Known for its significance in Hindu traditions, turmeric holds a sacred place in various religious practices and is believed to bring positive energy, purification, and divine blessings.
• Turmeric (manjal or haldi), one of the ashta mangala items, is a must in every ritual for development and growth (para Karyam).
• The turmeric powder exhibits a vibrant and rich yellow color, symbolizing purity, auspiciousness, and the radiance of divine blessings.
• This pack contains kizhangu manjal powder, which can be used along with Vetrilai pakku during Navaratri days and other offerings.
• Haldi powder is commonly used along with other sacred substances during pooja, including Kumkum (vermilion) and Chandan (sandalwood paste). This trio is often offered to deities as a mark of devotion.
• Turmeric is considered auspicious and holy in India and has been used in various Hindu ceremonies for millennia. It remains popular in India for weddings and religious ceremonies.
• Haldi powder is a common offering in Hindu poojas and yagnas. It is considered auspicious and is used to apply tilak on deities and devotees, signifying blessings and protection.
• Manjal powder has played an important role in Hindu spirituality.
• Turmeric powder (Kasturi Haldi) is commonly used in abhishekam, where deities are anointed with sacred substances as a gesture of reverence and devotion. The application of turmeric during abhishekam is symbolic of purification and divine blessings.
• It is used in puja to make a form of Ganesha. Yaanaimugathaan, the remover of obstacles, is invoked at the beginning of almost any ceremony, and a form of Ganapathi for this purpose is made by mixing turmeric powder with water and forming it into a cone-like shape.
• The Manjal powder comes in a convenient packet, allowing easy and mess-free use during your pooja ceremonies.
• Embrace the spiritual richness and cultural heritage associated with turmeric by incorporating the Giri Turmeric Powder into your pooja rituals.
• Let the golden glow of turmeric bring blessings, purity, and divine grace to your sacred space.
• This Giri Turmeric Powder is available in various quantities, allowing you to choose the size that best suits your pooja needs.