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Giri Shikakai Powder - 100 Gms | Sevakai Powder/ Hair Cleanser/ Shikakai for Hair

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• Giri Shikakai Powder is a natural hair cleanser and wash powder made from the dried pods of the Acacia concinna plant, commonly known as shikakai.

• This traditional hair care remedy has been used for generations for its gentle cleansing and nourishing properties.

• Giri brings you the goodness of shikakai in a convenient and easy-to-use powder form, allowing you to maintain healthy and lustrous hair the natural way.

• Shikakai is known for its natural cleansing properties, helping to remove dirt, oil, and impurities from the scalp and hair.

• Regular use of shikakai can contribute to healthier and shinier hair. It is believed to strengthen hair roots and prevent dandruff.

• Giri Shikakai Powder is free from harmful chemicals, additives, and synthetic ingredients, making it a safe and natural choice for your hair care routine.

• The powdered form of shikakai offers convenience in usage, allowing you to customize your hair care routine based on your preferences.

• Besides being used as a hair cleanser, shikakai powder can be mixed with other natural ingredients for hair masks, promoting overall hair health.

• Mix the shikakai powder with water to form a paste, apply it to your hair and scalp, and rinse thoroughly. Enjoy the natural benefits without harsh chemicals.

• Embrace the natural goodness of shikakai for your hair care routine with Giri Shikakai Powder.

• Experience the gentle cleansing and nourishing benefits of this traditional Ayurvedic remedy, promoting healthier and more vibrant hair.