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Giri Samithu Sticks - Arasu | Small Samidha Pack/ Homam Kuchi for Rituals

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• Samithu is the wooden sticks used while performing homam. This is predominantly used for avani avittam and weddings.

• Arasu samithu is the wood sticks obtained from the peepal tree, this is often known as sacred fig. This is one of the offerings given to the fire god, Agni, and is used in havan.

• Samithu (pooja samagiri) is the bundle of sticks with which the fire is invoked in any Homam. The sticks of various trees that fall down themselves and get dried are collected and bundled for offering to God by invoking fire. and also, the dried grasses like Nayuruvi, Arugan, etc. also form part of Samithu.

• Homam samithu (Hawan Samagiri) gives good positive energy. The smoke from the homam by burning the samithu sticks increases the humidification.

• Samithu is dipped in ghee and made to put on the holy fire of yagna. The ghee and the samithu all get burn, to give enlightenment.

• Burning arasu in homam is said to bring great prosperity to the invoker. it is used in most homams and also by brahmacharis who do daily samitha dhanam.

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