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Giri Namakatti - 5 Pcs | Holy Stick/ Srichurnam/ Thiruman for Tilak

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● Namakatti is used to draw the naamam on the body by Vaishnavites, which represents the place where Sriman Narayana is said to reside. Thiruman is drawn as two vertical white lines on the forehead.
● The Srichurnam is the coloured line in the middle of the two vertical white lines. The white lines represent Sri Vishnu, and the yellow coloured line represents Sri Lakshmi. Together, the three lines are also called Naamam.
● This holy stick is made with ash or viboothi and clay. One of the most visible external symbols of Hindu identity is the mark that many of us wear on our foreheads.
● The tilaks were used to denote which sampradaya one belonged to. Namakatti or Tilak has so many medicinal uses that it is commonly purchased when a baby is born.
• They also decorate idols of God with this namakatti.
● The entire body emanates energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, especially the forehead and the spot between the eyebrows. Hence wearing the tilak is believed to cool the forehead, protect the wearer, and prevent energy loss.
● Namakatti and Srichurnam in various colours and sets available on Giri website.