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Giri Gejja Vastra | Kapus Vastra Mala/ Cotton Vastra Mala for Deity

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• Gejja Vastra is a garland made with globules of cotton. In between every globule, kumkum or turmeric applied on it. This sacred garland is used as an offering on God or Goddess idols during festival times, pooja or rituals after the abhisheka and it is considered to be an auspicious symbol signifying holy union or completion of pooja.

• Gejja Vastra garlands are meticulously handcrafted using small cotton globules that are strung together to form a beautiful and ornate garland.

• The cotton globules are carefully arranged in a specific pattern or design, creating an intricate and eye-catching visual appeal.

• These cottonball garlands are commonly used to adorn idols and images of deities, particularly during puja (worship) ceremonies.

• The soft and delicate texture of the cotton globules adds a gentle and pure aura to the divine presence, symbolizing purity and devotion.

• Gejja Vastra garlands are often associated with Amman, the Goddess, and are widely used in South Indian temples and households to decorate the Goddess's idols during festivals and special occasions. The garlands are believed to enhance the deity's divine beauty and create an auspicious ambiance. Buy gejje vastra online now!