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Giri Akhanda Pancha Deep Rose Puja Oil - 1 Ltr | Lamp Oil/ Vilakku Oil/ Diya Oil for Pooja

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Rose Pancha Deep Oil can be used on a daily basis in pooja rooms or religious settings because it is believed that lighting a lamp with oil directly invokes the deities' blessings.


• A divine fragrance will be spread by lighting the deepam with this special oil. In addition to this, it is believed that using Pooja oil in lamps eliminates evil spirits from the house.

• Using this deepam oil makes the lamp glow like Akhand Jyoti and will be long-lasting. Pancha Deepa Puja oil has a non-greasy formula.

• Pancha Deepam vilakku oil with Rose fragrance is created by combining five oils (coconut oil, ginger oil, ghee, and so on).

• This will eliminate doshas and repel evil spirits. This will bring peace of mind to oneself and help one focus on goals.

• This vilakku ennai will make one live a happy life, improve their financial condition, and bring them fame, prosperity, and spiritual development. This puja oil will also bring wealth to one's family.