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Giri 3 Pul Pavithiram - 10 Sticks | 3 Pul Pavitram/ Darbha Grass/ Kusha Grass for Pooja

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• Pul Pavitram, like Pul Koorcham, refers to special rings made of dried blades of Dharbai, a sacred grass used in Hindu rituals. These rings are worn by priests and devotees during Hindu homams and other rituals to shield themselves from negative spiritual energies and to energize their prayers.

• The number of blades used to make a Pul Pavitram ring varies depending on the specific ritual being performed.

• One blade is used for funerals and other rituals of death.

• Two blades are used for regular home worship offered for oneself and family.

• Three blades are used for rituals for the ancestors like tharpanam and śrāddham.

• Four blades are used for temple worship or prayers for others.

• Pul Pavitram rings are an important part of Hindu ritual practice and are believed to help connect the wearer to the divine.

• Pul Pavitram rings are made from dried blades of Dharbai grass, which is a sacred grass that is believed to have purifying properties.

• The rings are typically worn on the right middle finger.

• The rings are said to help the wearer concentrate on their prayers and to connect with the divine.

• Find different varieties and combinations according to the number of sticks you require for your puja rituals.

Here are some of the benefits of using Pul Pavitram rings:

• They help to shield the wearer from negative spiritual energies.

• They help to energize the wearer's prayers.

• They help to connect the wearer to the divine.

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