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Giri 3 Pul Koorcham - 10 Sticks | 3 Pul Koorcham/ Darbha Grass/ Kusha Grass for Pooja

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• Pul Koorcham, a sacred grass revered in Hindu traditions, holds profound significance in various rituals and ceremonies. This holy grass is believed to possess purifying properties and facilitate the transmission of positive energies.

• Pul Koorcham, also known as Nuni Dharbam, is a type of Kusha grass, considered sacred in Sanatana Dharma traditions. It is widely used in Hindu homams, havans, and other rituals, including pitru poojas, ceremonies honoring departed ancestors.

• The use of Pul Koorcham in Hindu rituals is deeply symbolic. The grass represents purity, spiritual elevation, and the connection between the physical and spiritual realms. It is believed to purify the surroundings and create a sacred space for the performance of rituals.

• Pul Koorcham finds its way into various Hindu rituals, each with its unique significance.

• Homas and Havans: In fire rituals, Pul Koorcham is used as a conduit for offerings to the divine. The sacred grass is believed to carry the intentions and prayers of the devotees to the celestial realm.

• Pitru Poojas: During ceremonies honoring ancestors, Pul Koorcham is used to create a sacred space and purify the offerings. It is believed to facilitate the connection between the living and the departed.

• Iyers' Ritual Practice: Iyers, a Brahmin subsect, wear Pul Koorcham on their fingers during poojas, symbolizing purity and dedication to the divine.

• The remnants of Pul Koorcham, known as Idukku Pul, are not discarded but hold their own significance. They are used as a seat during poojas and tarpanams, further emphasizing the sacred nature of the grass.

• Moreover, Nuni Dharbam, a clump of Kusha grass, is used to create pavitram, koorcham, and bugnam, essential elements in Hindu rituals. Pavitram is a purifying agent, koorcham is a ring worn during rituals, and bugnam is a sacred thread.

• Pul Koorcham, a holy grass with profound spiritual significance, plays a vital role in Hindu rituals. Its symbolic representation, versatile applications, and purifying properties make it an indispensable element in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.

• Giri, a renowned supplier of pooja items, pooja samagri, havan samagri, and puja samagri, offers a wide range of high-quality Pul Koorcham and other sacred materials. From Nuni Dharbam to pavitram and koorcham, Giri provides all the essentials for your spiritual practice.

• Find different varieties and combinations according to the number of sticks you require for your puja rituals.