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Elephanta - The Island of Shiva - English | by Shakuntala Jagannathan/ Story Book

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India Book House

Shakunthala Jagannathan

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•Shakuntala Jagannathan is an Indian novelist who was born in Chennai in 1929 and is the author of the historical book "Elephanta."

•The book was released in 1987, and it takes place in the eighth century AD, when the Hindu deity Shiva had a significant temple on the island of Elephanta (today called Gharapuri).

•The plot centers on two characters: Ganga, a young girl from the island who worships Shiva, and Aparajit, a visitor from abroad who comes to the island in search of knowledge and enlightenment. The book examines the intricate cultural and religious practices of ancient India, including the caste system, women's place in society, and the worship of Shiva.

•Jagannathan's writing is recognized for its in-depth analyses of gender roles, spirituality, and cultural identity, as well as its evocative descriptions and representations of life in ancient India.

•One of Jagannathan's most well-known works, "Elephanta," has been translated into other languages.

•"Elephanta" is a gripping historical book that provides an overview of the numerous and varied cultural traditions of ancient India.