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Eco Friendly Ganapati Idol - 10.5 x 6 Inches | Clay Ganesha Idol/ Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration

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SKU 6901810
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6 Inch

10.5 Inch


• Elevate your Ganesh Chaturthi festivities with this exquisite Clay Ganesha Idol, a symbol of auspicious beginnings, wisdom, and prosperity. Crafted with precision and reverence, this Ganapati Murti radiates a divine aura, inviting blessings into your home.
• Standing as a testament to artisanal skill, this
Ganapati idol captures Lord Ganesha's divine presence with intricate detailing and fine craftsmanship.
• Molded from high-quality clay, it exudes authenticity and reverence, embodying the essence of traditional Indian artistry.
• This
clay Ganesha idol is perfectly sized for adorning your Chaturthi decorations, be it your home shrine, temple, or festive altar.
• Its eco-friendly composition resonates with the spirit of sustainability, making it a conscious choice for your religious practices.
• As you welcome
Lord Ganesha into your abode, let this clay Ganesha idol serve as a focal point for prayers, meditation, and devotion.
• Embrace the spirit of
Ganesh Chaturthi with this captivating clay Ganesha idol, a timeless addition to your sacred rituals and festive traditions. May the presence of Lord Ganesha bring joy, harmony, and fulfillment to your home and heart.