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Dhanvantari Murti - 6 Inches | Antique Brass Idol/ Dhanwantari Standing Statue for Pooja/ 640 Gms Approx

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• Elevate the spiritual ambiance of your home or worship space with the Lord Dhanvantari Statue.

• This Brass Dhanvantri Statue is a divine representation of Lord Dhanvantri, the celestial physician and the harbinger of health and well-being.

• Meticulously crafted from high-quality brass and adorned with a antique finish, this Dhanvantri statue is not only radiates artistic elegance but also embodies the healing energies associated with Lord Dhanvantri.

• Copper is chosen for its durability and timeless appeal, ensuring that this piece becomes a cherished symbol of divine health and wellness.

• Delicate antique finish accents are meticulously applied to highlight the exquisite details of the statue.

• The Dhanvantari murti beautifully portrays Lord Dhanvantri, adorned with his iconic four hands carrying the Shankha (conch), Chakra (discus), Jalauka (leech), and the Amrita Kalasha (pot of nectar).

• Dhanvantri is revered as the divine physician, symbolizing healing and the restoration of health.

• Place this Dhanvantari murti in your home or healing space to invoke the benevolent energies of Lord Dhanvantri.

• Devotees believe that the presence of Dhanvantri brings blessings of good health, wellness, and protection from ailments.

• Lord Dhanvantri is a symbol of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine. This statue not only reflects the spiritual importance of healing but also serves as a focal point for meditation and prayer for those seeking physical and spiritual well-being.

• The Dhanvantari Statue makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

• Whether for someone recovering from illness, a health professional, or anyone seeking spiritual wellness, this Dhanwantari statue conveys blessings for a healthy and prosperous life.

• Bring the healing energies of Lord Dhanvantri into your space with the Copper Dhanwantari statue.

• Let this finely crafted piece be a source of inspiration, strength, and spiritual connection as you embrace the journey to health and well-being.